What Are The Acnezine Side Effects?


The Acnezine products consists of the acne moisturizing cream and nutritional supplements. Acnezine side effects are few and far between. A thorough analysis of both products will provide you with a clear picture of what you can expect from this acne treatment system.


Acnezine Acne Moisturizing Cream

Benzoyl peroxide is an active ingredient used in the Acnezine Acne Moisturizing Cream. It helps clear pores, reduce bacterial count, and increase skin turnover. For the most effective results, you must apply a thin layer to the affected area. You can either use a 2.5 percent to five percent concentration, or you can go as high as 10 percent.

Studies have shown that the higher concentrations such five and ten percent are not necessarily more effective than a concentration of 2.5 percent. The Acnezine Acne Moisturizing Cream contains five percent benzoyl peroxide.

Depending on your skin’s sensitivity level, the product may have little to no effect on your skin.

For those with highly sensitive skin, this may not be the case: You may experience side effects such as itching, irritation, tingling, blistering, peeling, stinging, and redness. These effects usually occur at the beginning of your treatment. After a week, such effects may subside.

Having a serious allergic reaction to benzoyl peroxide is not common. Symptoms such as severe dizziness, rash, itching, swelling, or breathing problems are clear indicators of a serious allergic reaction. If you experience mild side effects that persist longer than one week or a severe allergic reaction, contact your doctor immediately.


Acnezine Nutritional Supplements

Acnezine nutritional supplements contain hydrolyzed collagen and coenzyme Q10. Hydrolyzed collagen helps retain moisture in the skin and hair; improves joint health; and increases bone density. It makes your skin smoother and softer, while maintaining the necessary moisture. It also leaves your hair glossy.

If you dye your hair, the hydrolyzed collagen helps protect the hair structure. There was a 12-week study highlighting the positive effects of hydrolyzed collagen on joint health. At the end of the study, participants demonstrated significant joint improvement in their shoulders, knees, and hips.

Besides its effectiveness in joint treatment, hydrolyzed collagen is beneficial in treating osteoporosis. Before taking hydrolyzed collagen, consult your doctor. Although hydrolyzed collagen is beneficial to the health of your skin, hair, joints, and bones, there are two negatives of using products with this ingredient:

1. You may develop a mild rash.

2. Moreover, you may develop an allergic reaction if you’re allergic to beef or animal products.

Coenzyme Q10, on the other hand, is beneficial for basic cell function and protecting the body from harmful molecules. It can be found in foods such as sardines, beef, peanuts, and organ meats.

You may experience side effects when it’s taken as an individual supplement. Such side effects include diarrhea, loss of appetite, heartburn, and nausea. You may have a drop in your blood pressure which can eventually lead to dizziness, fainting, and lightheadedness.

In rare cases, some people may develop an allergic reaction. Symptoms include wheezing, itching, breathing problems, rash, difficulty swallowing, and swelling.

Acnezine side effects will vary from individual to individual. Depending on your skin’s sensitivity you can expect mild to severe side effects. 

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