Acne Prevention


So what really is the best way to prevent acne? You’ve probably already heard this a dozen times, so to really drive the point home I’m going to say it here again.

Adopt a consistent method that you use EVERY day, using quality products that work for your skin.

How do you find out what works? You need to try with one product and give it a go for at least 2 months before trying something new.  There are tons of products on the market, so do the research to find out:

  • what type of skin you have
  • what type of acne you have
  • what product ingredients you would prefer to use (if any)
  • what others are saying about your first chosen product

Then, stick to your routine and stick to your product to find out if it really does work for you, and to ensure you don’t get any adverse side effects that aren’t good for you.


The best routine

Here’s a routine to follow TWICE each day, morning and night.  People who follow this routine find that they have far better results in treating acne and keeping it away.

  1. Wash your face with warm water in a gentle motion without scrubbing hard.
  2. Pat towel dry your face softly without wiping or pressing hard.
  3. Leave your skin to dry FULLY.
  4. Apply your treatment and follow the instructions on the package/bottle.
  5. Once your skin is dry, apply moisturiser that works for your skin!

The most important thing is to follow a routine, and stick to it.  THEN you will start seeing results.


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