Exposed Acne Treatments


The Exposed acne treatment program is an innovative natural product-line developed to treat and prevent acne breakouts. Although it may take up to 5 weeks to get that perfect healthy looking skin, many users are reporting results within the first 2 weeks.


The Exposed acne treatment program uses drugs that have been FDA approved for the treatment of acne. Using both natural and scientific active ingredients, the Exposed Skin Care line destroys bacteria that causes acne deep within the pores. The treatment also effectively exfoliates skin, unclogs pores and works to keep them clear. Revitalizing ingredients then aid in new skin cell grow to keep skin looking fresh and healthy looking.


The Exposed acne treatment was developed for use by people of ALL ages and ALL skin types regardless of ethnic descent or skin’s sensitivity, which is just fantastic! It has also been clinically proven to help reduce blemishes from pre-existing breakouts. Using the Microerm Scrub or the Derm-X cloth available for purchase, can also help eliminate acne scars.


The Exposed acne treatment program was designed to be safe and effective. There have been no reported negative side effects from it’s use. Although it is a powerful acne fighting medication, users have reported a slight tingling sensation during the first few days of use which is completely normal for this treatment program and will not harm your skin.


Available Exposed Skin Care Kits


Exposed offers a one year money back guarantee plus a ‘clear skin in 30 days’ guarantee, so it makes sense to order one of their 3 kit sets for maximum results. The basic 5-Piece Kit includes a Facial Cleanser, the Clearing Tonic, an Acne Treatment Serum and the Derm-X cloth.


Those looking for more moisturizing can purchase the 6-Piece Kit which offers the extra Moisture Complex. Although for people wanting to experience all that Exposed has to offer the 9-Piece set includes all of the aforementioned products as well as the Microderm Scrub, a Clarifying Mask and the Probiotic Complex to gain clearer skin from the inside out.


Exposed also offers it’s customers a regular membership for great savings. Special member pricing on all kits is 10 dollars less than regularly priced kits so can add up to great savings if you continue to use the Exposed acne treatments. Buy Exposed Skincare products for regular treatment and prevention for cleaner and healthier skin.

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