Exposed Skin Care Side Effects


Have you been reading about all the great reviews of the Exposed Skin Care system? Still think it’s too good to be true? You may be right in some regard when it comes to the rave reviews, however there are Exposed Skin Care side effects that some users have shared that may leave you wondering about the product’s effectiveness.

Customer Reviews

  • One user reported that she used the product for three weeks and she was yet to see results. She stated that her face remained the same throughout the product’s usage. Moreover, it felt much more oily and sticky than before. Although she changed her diet and drank more water on a daily basis, she found that there was no change in the oiliness of her skin.
  • Another user stated that she had high expectations for the product after reading all the positive reviews from other customers. However, after using the product, she found that it had little to no effect on her acne. She noticed that the small bumps on her face at the beginning of April 2012 had reduced a bit, however they didn’t disappear. Furthermore, she experienced more breakouts. Two other users who used the product for two and three months respectively expressed similar views. The product made their acne worse.
  • Drawn in by the rave reviews of the Exposed Skin Care reviews, one user decided to use the system for one month. Then extended its usage for another month. After using it for two months, it made her face even worse than before. She broke out in cystic pimples which she’d never had before using the product.
  • A review from another user expressed her disgust with the product. Although she didn’t have a severe case of acne, she ended up with those results after using the product. Thinking that the breakouts were as a result of the dirt in her skin, she continued using the product. This made it even worse. It reached to a point where she couldn’t even touch her.

Based on customer reviews, the most common Exposed Skin Care side effects include acne breakouts and dryness.It seems that the products potency may be too strong for their skin.

Salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, and resorcinol are some of the active ingredients of the Exposed Skin Care product line. Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide may cause redness, burning, dryness, and peeling in the skin. There are rare cases of serious allergic reactions to these two ingredients.

You may also experience severe dizziness, itching, rash, breathing problems, and swelling. Sulfur may cause skin irritation such as redness, itching, and flaking.

Other side effects of sulfur include headaches, rash, skin discoloration, and swelling. The most common side effects of resorcinol include redness and peeling. This may occur a few days after using the product. If you experience symptoms such as drowsiness, diarrhea, headaches, vomiting, nervousness, sweating, nausea, shortness of breath, or an unusual tiredness or weakness, you may have resorcinol poisoning.

Some of these side effects associated with resorcinol may occur during the treatment. In cases where such side effects persist, you should contact your doctor.

Before venturing to use the Exposed Skin Care system, make sure that you educate yourself about the possible side effects you may experience when using the product. Although this acne treatment system causes side effects, others have received great results.


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