Know The Difference Between Acnezine Side Effects And Improper Use


Online claims that state you will not experience any Acnezine side effects have been disputed by many consumers. Most buyers agree that this product provides positive results when used correctly and according to directions. However, some people might decide that using more of the cream is better, and twist the lid off the moisturizing crème and lather it on their skin – against Acnezine recommended usage instructions. When the product is used incorrectly there may be consequences that are then unfairly blamed on the crème itself.  Here’s why.

Natural and Scientific

The crème contains green tea, organic aloe vera, birch, lemon peel oil, witch hazel, willow, sage, and other natural ingredients. It also has five percent benzoyl peroxide. Some people recognize the peroxide family for the popular hair dying agent. However, most would be surprised that the World Health Organization (WHO) placed benzoyl peroxide on their list of minimum medical needs for a basic health care system.

Correct Use is Important

Most people might agree that the combination of natural ingredients coupled with a compound valued by the World Health Organization makes sense. When used correctly there is not much chance that an acne sufferer would experience any Acnezine side effects at all. The benzoyl peroxide performs as intended and helps prevent acne outbreaks. When a product is used incorrectly the positive effects of the peroxide compound can be a negative.

Side Effect or Improper Use

It is the benzoyl peroxide in the crème that can be the source of dry skin and may irritate skin. After a short period of use most people will discover that their skin tolerates the compound. A small number of people may be very sensitive to the peroxide to the point of experiencing itchy skin, a burning sensation, peeling skin and even swelling.

Here is an example of proper use to help avoid reactions that are sometimes called ‘Acnezine side effects’ (though these are usually the result of improper use):

• Always use sunscreen after the crème has dried and avoid too much sun

• Never use it with other acne treatments because dryness and irritated skin could become more pronounced

• Irritated skin is the itching, burning, peeling, and swelling that can result

• Do not over-apply. Start out with one application and work up to 2-3 a day

It is important to direct any medically related questions about using any product to a physician, use the product only as directed, and abide by the instructions that accompany the product.

Thousands of people using this product have no Acnezine ‘side effects’ and are greatly pleased with the results. Individual outcomes and results may vary because we are all different, but everyone can realize the full potential of a skin treatment simply by following the directions that come with every product.

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