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Taking the pain and disappointment of acne sufferers into account, Neutrogena Dermatologics formulated the Neutrogena Skin ID to cater to the varying types of acne-prone skin. Compared to other one-size fits all acne solutions on the market that work for a select number of people, Neutrogena claims that its product is designed to treat its users on a case by case basis. If you’re still on the fence about making a purchase, this Skin ID review will simplify your decision-making process.

How Does Neutrogena Skin ID Work?

You’ll be required to answer a series of questions so that the Skin ID team can come up with the right regimen for your skin type. Once they determine your skin type, you’ll be provided with a three-product Skin ID system containing the right amount of ingredients to combat your acne. The products include a cream cleanser, an anti-acne treatment, and a hydrator. There’s also a spot acne treatment that you’ll receive with your system to help heal your pimples quickly.

Benefits of Using Skin ID

This Skin ID review shows the many benefits of using this three-product system. The Skin ID team has conducted clinical trials to test the quality of their products. Although such trials are not necessary for acne care products, Neutrogena believes that this approach will highlight the standard and quality of their products based on real world results. In the clinical trial, there were 500 participants. Each participant ended up with clearer and healthier looking skin at the end of the trial. The product also proved to be twice as effective as Proactiv when it came to getting rid of acne. If you do not achieve clearer, healthier looking skin within 14 days of using the product, Skin ID will offer you a 60-day 100 percent money back guarantee. Moreover, you won’t have to return the spot treatment and travel bag. These items will serve as their gift to you.

Skin ID Premium Member Perks

As a premium member of Skin ID, you’ll have access to a team of professional dermatologists at no extra cost. They’ll provide you with advice on achieving clearer and healthier looking skin. Additional benefits of the premium member perks include personalized acne treatment products; Skin ID auto refills; and acne tips, articles, and education . There are more than 25 product regimens to cater to your skin type, lifestyle, and clear skin needs. Order online or by phone. To ensure that you achieve the maximum results with Skin ID, it essential that you follow your individual regimen as recommended by the dermatologists. One way of doing so is by having auto refill shipments of your products. While using the necessary acne products is essential in combating your skin problems, it is equally important that you spend time educating yourself on acne. As a premium member you’ll receive acne prevention tips; articles from experts on the subject of acne; and information on achieving healthier looking skin.

This Skin ID review should provide you with sufficient information to make your final decision. If you decide to purchase and the product is not as effective as advertised, you’ll be reimbursed when you return the product.

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