Skin ID Side Effects


While some users of Skin ID experience excellent results, there may be cases where others suffer even greater damage to the skin after using the product. The severity of Skin ID side effects may vary from individual to individual.

Here are a few reviews from users who have tried Skin ID and have not had the success that the product guarantees:

One user warned others to use the product with caution. Four days into using the product, she woke up with a swollen face. She stated that she was not allergic to anything and concluded that it had to be the Skin ID which triggered the swelling. When she contacted Skin ID about the incident, they informed her that such happenings may occur occasionally.

Another user shared her experience with the product. As a moderate acne sufferer she found that the product dried out her skin; made her acne much worse; and caused her to break out in pimples.

A person who had been using the product for about four months noticed her skin had cleared up a bit. However, with the clearer skin came flaking. She experienced tightness in her face and her skin would flake off whenever she touched it.

Determined to find out the true effects of Skin ID, one person decided to try the product on her own. During the first week of using the product her skin was fine. However, in the second week she found that the product began drying out her face. After she stopped using Skin ID, her acne became even worse. Another customer reported having the same experience. She had great results in the first week, however in the second week she discovered that the product started drying out and peeling her face.

Disgust and anger flooded another person’s review on the product. She said that the Skin ID made her skin worse. She experienced burning and itching on her entire face.

Although Skin ID made her face less oily, this user found that it dried out her face and it did not clear up her acne. Her feedback was backed by another user who lives in a desert environment. She stated that dryness was one of main challenges she had with Skin ID.

“Tight” and “raisin” were a couple words that one user linked to her experience. The acne treatment gel made her face tight, while the moisturizer made her face appear like a raisin. Despite these side effects, the product helped in reducing the size of her large pimples.

These are some of the common side effects of using the Skin ID system. Although these side effects are not life threatening, it is imperative that you take the necessary precaution when using the product. Other side effects you may experience with Skin Id include rash, headaches, dandruff, nail abnormalities, mood changes, nausea, increased sunburn susceptibility, and diarrhea. There may be severe side effects other than those listed here.

Skin ID has an 80 percent success rate. The only way of finding out if you’ll be part of that success is by trying the products yourself.

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