So What’s Different About this Pronexin Review?


ProNexin Review: This is an acne treatment that is promoted as a ‘one-step’ skin cleanser and acne solution.

The official website states that ProNexin is the “World’s Strongest Acne Treatment with NO Side Effects.”  This is a huge statement to make, and the user reviews simply don’t support it.

How does ProNexin Work?

“Basically a nutritional supplement” for your skin, ProNexin contains 33 natural ingredients that help to lift dirt and dead skin cells from pores.

The ‘All Natural Formula’ safely penetrates the pores to eliminate acne-causing bacteria while healing, soothing and refreshing the pores to get rid of acne for good. The ProNexin website says that it scrubs away blocked pores and provides the support the skin needs to prevent future acne from forming.

ProNexin can be used an an all-over skin cleanser and works on body acne as well as facial acne.  Apparently ProNexin is not drying to the skin, nor will it induce your body to “rebound” and produce excess oil as some treatments do.  The ProNexin ingredients help acne-prone skin to heal itself.

Company Information

The ProNexin website does not offer any information about the location or other operations of the company behind the product.  They do provide an email address and phone number on the site.  Personally I’d like to know where my goods are coming from and that they are a viable community business.
Product Specifications

ProNexin face scrub is “100% chemical free” and contains a mixture of herbals, vitamins, and minerals.  Ingredients include aloe vera, white willow extract, calendula, avocado oil, green tea extract, tea tree oil, and walnut shell for exfoliating.  A complete list of ingredients is included on the ProNexin website –
ProNexin is packaged in a 12.2 ounce bottle that “lasts at least 3 months.”  No warnings or side effects to using the ProNexin cleansing system are discussed on the website, in fact they claim that they have ZERO SIDE EFFECTS. How believable is that? Not very.

Where to Buy ProNexin

You may purchase ProNexin on its official website.  It is not sold in stores.  The cost for one bottle of ProNexin is $29.99.  If you purchase two or more bottles at a time, you’ll receive a free bottle of ProNexin Acne Spot Treatment, but details about this product are not given on the website.  They have flat shipping rates with the US and internationally – regardless of how many bottles you buy.
Return Policy

ProNexin offers a “Lifetime Money Back” guarantee.  So you can use ProNexin cleanser as long as you like, and if it doesn’t work you can return it for a full refund including shipping charges.

(This has come from the review at
My overall review of this product is sketchy and dubios.  Why? The website doesn’t give me enough credibility or substance, and when I went and looked for other user reviews of the product I found something interesting.  The ProNexin homepage is identical to the homepage of Zyporex Acne Treatment.  The product description, the list of ingredients, the “user testimonials,” the frequently asked questions, the price – all of it is 100% identical.  This screams fraud and scam to me.

Out of around 20 total ProNexin reviews that I found, about 5 of them were positive.  Honestly, I’m trying to be open-minded and not judgmental but it’s hard for me to believe those are from real users.  People say things like, “I personally really like how easy it is to use … and I like how it makes your face feel afterwards” and “I think it blows the other stuff out of the water … Accutane could only do so much.  I was struggling with the last bit [and] ProNexin really helps out a lot.”

A lengthy review posted on Squidoo says that at first, ProNexin “really irritated my skin. … I kept on using ProNexin in hope that it would get better, but it only got worse.”  After using it for three months, this person gave up and switched to another treatment.
Though it gets the #1 Top Acne Treatment spot at Best Acne Remedies, some have accused that site of posting “their reviews of their [own] products.”  Acne Cures Revealed also lists ProNexin in it’s top spot, but strangely (and suspiciously) many of the “top acne products” on Acne Cures Revealed are the same as those on Best Acne Remedies.  These same products do not appear on the best acne treatment lists on other websites.  Someone answering a ProNexin question at Yahoo! Answers says, “Wow … you fell for their advertising.”
The obvious ’shadiness’ of the company selling ProNexin, Zyporex, and perhaps other acne treatments makes me think there is no way the treatment can actually work.  If it’s a good acne remedy, why does the manufacturer need to “manufacture” his product testimonials and include the same ones for two different products?  Search the internet, read lots and lots of user reviews, and decide for yourself.

Its clear that you need to do your research and then find the best product.  A positive product to read about is Zenmed.  If you’d like to read our review, click here.


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